Thunderstorms and look alikes

I have been looking through the photographs that the tall person took during his recent trip to England. One in particular caught my attention.

I asked the tall person what the sign meant and he told me that it is a reminder to dog walkers to keep their dogs under control and also clear up any mess that they make.

Hmm, I think the tall person has missed some very important information. When I looked at the picture I immediately noticed the lightning bolts striking the man’s foot. Clearly, this is a warning that dog poop attracts lightning. I have heard that you shouldn’t shelter under trees during a thunderstorm. This very helpful advice should be immediately updated to warn people that in addition to avoiding trees in a thunderstorm they should also not stand in dog poop.

I also noticed that the sign supports the belief that people grow to look like their dogs. The lady in the picture looks uncannily like her dog. This is good news for the tall person. I am very hairy and at the moment he is not. Perhaps he is shedding and this is his summer coat. Don’t worry tall person, I am sure you will look like me by the time winter arrives.

35 thoughts on “Thunderstorms and look alikes

  1. Just goes to show – you don’t have to read the words. The pictures give all the important information. It’s true about the fur. Mom’s hair keeps trying to turn white like mine. She paints it brown to keep her own identity….

    Love and licks,

  2. Welcome back Tall Person 🙂 Please give Bassa + Barnaby scratchies from us. Bubba has started saying “eeeeoooowww” when we pass our neighborhood cats on the way home although “oof oof” is still her favourite! x

  3. Bassa I think it is good advice to not stand in dog poop anytime. And if he starts to get a thick coat like yours in the winter he will be much warmer 🙂

  4. LOL!!! Are you shedding Tall Person? hehehe,,,, Ginger wants to know.. perhaps dad is shedding here too……. Now that we know dog poop attracts lightning we will set up piles of it by dad when he goes outside.. hehehehe

    Welcome Back Tall Person!
    In Mirth,
    the naughty collies

  5. Agreed, Bassa, you should not stand in dog poop during a thunderstorm. Or a snowstorm, rainstorm, when the troops storm,… pretty much ANY time. Thanks for the great laugh!

  6. Thank you, sweet Bassa for this information. We had no idea that dog poo attracts lightening. You are so smart to have figured out what the message of that picture. We hope you will post pictures when your tall person grows to look like you. Hugs and nose kisses

  7. I’m a Poodle and naturally a high-maintenance kind of gal. I love getting brushed everyday… sometimes twice a day. My momsy is rather high-maintenance, too, although she won’t admit it. So, yes, I think our humans do share some of the same personalty, if not physical, traits. ~ Lil’ Miss Maple 😀

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