Does your laptop need a service?

On my walk through the neighborhood today I came across further evidence of aliens living among us.

This enterprising extraterrestrial has established a workshop offering computer tune-ups and memory upgrades.

I think his small size might be an asset when he is working inside the cramped confines of today’s laptops and computers.

I mentioned this example of alien assimilation into our society to the tall person and he smiled and suggested that the little alien’s services must be cheap because he hasn’t got a mouth and doesn’t need money for food.

Hmm, that is a good observation tall person. I’ve also just noticed that the little alien appears to be visually impaired and wonder if computer repair is really the best profession for a stranded alien.

Are you looking at me?

On my walk through the neighborhood today I saw this strange creature standing very still on the sidewalk. I asked it what it was but it didn’t say anything. It just looked at me with its large protruding eyes.

I pointed it out to the tall person and he told me it was a tree.

Oh tall person – have you no imagination?

Look behind you!

I recently posted a picture of a very hot truck

Unfortunately, the hot weather continues here in Tbilisi and on my walk through the neighborhood today I saw this pretty lady who was obviously suffering from the heat.

I don’t think she noticed that there was lots of cool refreshing water behind her or perhaps she thought it was a mirage.

Look behind you!

Office worker defies heatwave!

It has been incredibly hot in Tbilisi and will get hotter as the summer progresses. On my walk through the neighborhood today I noticed that some office workers are already planning ahead and making adjustments to improve ventilation in their work space. I was very impressed with this particular open plan office.

This office worker has clearly gone to a lot of effort to increase ventilation and has also installed an emergency water supply on his or her desk.

This person will be cool and comfortable on the hottest summer day.

I pointed it out to the tall person, expecting him to be impressed with the level of effort and planning but he told me that the office worker would probably have been been fired when the bosses discovered the extensive re-modelling.

Hmm, it seems that creativity is discouraged these days.

Dentistry for shoes

On my walk through the neighborhood today I saw a shoe waiting outside a shop. Its mouth was open and I could see rows of little teeth. I guessed that it must be suffering from toothache and was waiting for its appointment with the dentist.

I pointed out the suffering shoe to the tall person and he smiled and told me that it is a sign for a shoe repair shop.

Thank you tall person – I didn’t know cobblers also fix teeth.

Do you need a new but?

Are you looking for an adverb, conjunction or preposition that:

1. can be used for joining two ideas or statements when the second one is different from the first one, or seems surprising after the first one?

2. can be used after a negative for introducing what is true instead?

If you are, then visit the Butique and browse the summer collection of ‘buts’. Treat yourself to a ‘but’ that will be the envy of your friends!

I saw the Butique on my walk through the neighborhood today and thought it was a fantastic retail idea. I pointed it out to the tall person and asked if he needed a new but. He laughed and told me that the shop sign was probably a misspelling of the word ’boutique’ and the shop is likely to sell fashionable clothes or accessories.

Hmm, I was going to say ‘but’ but I stopped myself.

The copycat trees

You may recall me saying that the trees in my neighborhood have copied my style.

I have white ‘socks’……………

……….and the trees have white ‘socks’.

Now, I am currently doing this……….

……..yes, I am shedding my coat.

Well, on my walk through the neighborhood today I noticed that the trees have started to do this………….

……………resulting in this……………

Yes, the trees have noticed I am shedding so they have started to shed too.

I don’t mind the trees copying me – in fact I’m flattered. Their timely copycat behaviour was also useful when the tall person called me to a meeting to discuss the amount of hair I am leaving on the floors. I pointed out that he is fortunate that he has a shedding Caucasian Shepherd and not a shedding tree. He had to agree.

Very small rustlers strike again!

On my walk through the neighborhood today I discovered that the municipal authorities had granted a plot of land to very small people.

I noticed that the very small people had wasted no time in fencing off their new pasture, probably to stop their very small cows from wandering off. This was clearly necessary as their land is next to a very busy road and very small cows would be difficult to see and could easily get squashed by passing cars.

I didn’t see any very small cows and suspect that very small rustlers have stolen them.

Hmm, the very small people will be very sad when they return to their very small pasture and discover their very small cows are gone.