Gone fishin’

For the first stop in my trip down memory lane Barnaby insisted that we choose a post about fish. Being a cat, he loves fish and being a dog I like it too!

The fisher people might be disappointed that the post is not about angling techniques or special bait, lures or hooks but it does feature a very lovely trout, albeit a fish out of water.


Join me on my fishing expedition: https://bassasblog.wordpress.com/2011/08/07/come-to-momma-little-fishy/

Another trip down memory lane

By the time you read this the tall person will be 30,000 feet in the air! No, he hasn’t grown wings. He is flying on a plane to London.

He will be away for a week and Barnaby and me will miss him very much. I know he will miss us and our walks in the neighborhood.

The last time he went to London he suggested that I look through my blog and re-post some of my favorite stories. I thought that was a very good idea. A trip down memory lane will be fun, especially as Barnaby is now part of the family and he is interested to know what I did before he arrived. He will help me choose some special memories.

Hmm, I see that I have written over 700 little stories about my life since I started my blog in June last year. Looking through them and choosing some favorites is going to be a big task but I will look through them all and every day this week I will post a couple of my favorites.

I hope you will join me on another trip down memory lane.