Gee Whiz!

I saw this mobile newspaper shop on my walk today and thought, ‘Gee Whiz, what a great idea’!

The tall person knew what I was thinking and as we watched the news pass us by he shared several news related quotations:

News is anything that makes a reader say, `Gee Whiz’!
Arthur MacEwen, American editor,

No one says “Gee Whiz!” very much these days, of course, not even in America — both because that expression has long since been supplanted by others more colourful and less printable, and because our capacity for surprise has long since been dulled by a surfeit of sources.
Shashi Tharoor, Indian writer and diplomat, b. 1956

Hmm, I am very pleased to report that my capacity for surprise has not been dulled by a surfeit of sources.