Deadly flood in Tbilisi

A terrific storm hit Tbilisi last night. Heavy rain started at about 10pm local time and lasted for about three hours. The state agency for weather monitoring and forecast reported 93 millimeters of rainfall within that period.

The Mtkvari river was initially reported to have burst its banks but officials later confirmed that the heavy rainful had washed mud, trees and debris into water collectors, blocking them and causing a muddy torrent to flood several neighborhoods.

The worst affected area was Ortachala district. The deadly torrent trapped people in their homes and claimed the lives of a mother and her two children, an elderly woman and an elderly man. One of the children was six months old; the other was five.

Buildings were flooded or heavily damaged, trees were uprooted and cars overturned. According to eyewitnesses, the water rose to 3 meters (10 feet) in some areas.

President Saakashvili visited the most affected areas today and met with the local residents in Ortachala. He expressed condolence over the death of five people and pledged to provide shelter to all those left without homes as a result of the flood.

It has been a very sad day for Tbilisi.

37 thoughts on “Deadly flood in Tbilisi

    • Thank you, we are okay. We live on one of the mountains that overlooks Tbilisi so weren’t affected by the flood but the storm was quite terrifying. Unfortunately, more rain is expected over the next few days.

  1. Like Alexandra said, my thoughts are with the people of Tsibili. That’s horrible. Tho, I’m really glad you and your family are doing fine.

  2. thank you for showing these images, so my feeelings are with all people there, but – of course – especially with those, you have shown us with their small businesses … I hope, you and all of your family are dry and safe.

  3. What a tragedy — my prayers are with all of the people of Tbilisi. I’m glad you live on the mountain and happy you all are safe, but I’m sure this is a very sad time for everyone. Keep us posted!

  4. great pics, really glad you guys are okay. Does living up on the hill give you a different perspective as things happened with the storm, do you have any friends who were really affected by the storm badly?

    • We couldn’t see what was happening because the worst flooding took place on the other side of the city. The torrential rain and continuous lightning flashes obscured our usual panoramic view. The thunder was so loud and intense that it vibrated our house and set off car alarms. Scary!.

  5. The flooding made the news here, too, in the Washington D.C. area. We’re glad you’re safe. Hope there is no more flooding. Maybe the people with the bathtub on the roof had the right idea.

    Jed & Abby

  6. Oh no! We are so glad you are all ok but such a sad, sad news about your town. We hope the waters soon disperse and people can get their homes back and no suffer any further loses.
    Finn & Kai

  7. I’m so glad to hear that you and your family are ok and so sad for loss of lives. Is the government providing assistance to those who are affected?

    I am sending much love and prayers Tbilisi’s way.

    • Thank you Jodi. The president has pledged that those people made homeless will be re-housed. As I look out of the window the sky has turned black again. I think another storm is on the way 😦

  8. Oh no….I’m very sorry to hear about the disaster happened in Tbilisi, Basaa….I’m relieved that you and your family were all okay. You’ll expect more rain next few days? How scary….please stay safe, Bassa and your family. Our thoughts are with all those people in Tbilisi.

  9. Thank God you all are alright! We pray for those poor families who lost loved ones and we pray for all of you there that life will get back to normal and you all will be safe!
    Your friends,
    the collies and chuck 🙂

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