Under the stars and vines

Yesterday I posted a picture of a high rise Jacuzzi that I had seen in my neighborhood. The tall person said it was a water tank and not evidence of a neighborhood penchant for sky-high bathing.

Hmm. Tell me tall person is this a water tank too?

No. It is clearly a bath tub suspended under a canopy of vines.

I saw this on my walk this morning. If you look closely you can see that the bather has installed an overhead light, presumably to ensure that nothing is missed.

Anyway, I believe this is irrefutable proof of altitudinous alfresco bathing practiced in my neighborhood.

12 thoughts on “Under the stars and vines

  1. I think your right Bassa high altitude bathing, That might be kinda fun in warm weather to be high enough no one can see you, but be able to just stop and look at the sky and stars and relax while bathing.

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