Cephalopod mollusc found on Tbilisi sidewalk

Tbilisi is many miles from the sea so I was very surprised to find an octopus in my neighborhood.

Tall person told me that an octopus’s main defense is to hide, either not to be seen at all, or not to be detected as an octopus. Ah, so that is why this one is pretending to be a tree.

The tall person also told me that Octopuses usually inject their prey with a paralysing saliva before dismembering it into small pieces. Hmm, perhaps I am related to an Octopus as I often slobber over my food before dismembering it into small pieces.

Anyway, I know that Octopuses have sharp beaks and also suckers on their eight arms so I kept my distance.

13 thoughts on “Cephalopod mollusc found on Tbilisi sidewalk

  1. Very wise Bassa, very wise. I, the zoologist, am obliged to say they are amazing creatures, but I, the person, reckon they’re mean. They wreaked havoc in a marine biology tank when I was a student on an island off the coast of Scotland. Best served with a little balsamic in a salad I say. We have the Blue Ringed Octopus in some parts of Australia… even meaner, but quite a stunning creature.

    • I love it! 🙂 Thank you. I was very pleased to read that the tree octopus is alive and well in the Pacific Northwest. It appears that the one I saw was far from home 🙂

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