CSI Tbilisi launches major investigation!

You may remember that my kitten, Barnaby, was the victim of a vicious street mugging. The  perpetrator remains at large and continues to be a danger to innocent felines in my neighborhood.

To investigate this crime and apprehend the miscreant I have established CSI Tbilisi, an investigative agency based on my favorite crime drama television series called CSI (Crime Scene Investigation).

CSI follows Las Vegas criminalists (identified as “Crime Scene Investigators”) working for the Las Vegas Police Department. CSI Tbilisi follows Tbilisi based Crime Scene Investigators Bassa (me) and the tall person (the tall person).

Anyway, to bring you up to date on the investigation we interviewed Barnaby shortly after he had been mugged but he was unable to provide a full description of his attacker because it was dark and it happened so quickly. He was, however, able to tell us where it happened.

This is a picture of the crime scene.

It is the crumbling house in our street – a well known haunt of ‘bigger boys’.

Hmm, it will be difficult to extract any forensic evidence from there.

We have decided our best option is to try and jog the memory of the victim so I am spending time with Barnaby on the toy room balcony looking for cats in the street.

In the meantime, the tall person is collecting ‘mug shots’ of street cats in our neighborhood and we are showing them to Barnaby in the hope that he will identify the perpetrator, or ‘perp’ as we call them in law enforcement.

We showed this suspicious looking character to Barnaby but he said it wasn’t the one that mugged him.

I hope we catch the ‘perp’ soon. Barnaby is getting restless. I have reminded him that for his own safety he must remain within my witness protection program and not wander off.

I told him not to worry. CSI Tbilisi never gives up!