Ice cream etiquette

Yesterday, the tall person shared his ice cream with Barnaby and me. It was the first time that Barnaby had eaten ice cream.

I explained to him that we have rules concerning ice cream.

Rule 1: Wait patiently and do not panic. The tall person always shares but if you pester him there is always the possibility that he won’t.

Rule 2: Try not to watch the tall person eating his ice cream. It is best to look away or you will start drooling.

Here I am demonstrating the correct observance of Rules 1 and 2. Note that Barnaby is flouting Rule 2.

Rule 3: When the tall person indicates that it is time to share approach the ice cream carefully. Ice cream is notoriously slippery and can easily fall on the ground. A gritty ice cream is not much fun.

Rule 4: Do not rush. Savour the cool, creamy texture.

Rule 5: Try to avoid an ice-cream headache, also known as brain freeze, cold-stimulus headache, or its given scientific name sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia (meaning “nerve pain of the sphenopalatine ganglion”). This is a form of brief cranial pain or headache commonly associated with consumption (particularly quick consumption) of cold beverages or foods such as ice cream.

Unfortunately, as you can see from this picture I ignored my own advice and suffered sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia. Ouch!

Rule 6: Ice cream can be very messy to eat. Always maintain your dignity and avoid looking silly.

Oops! Have I got ice cream on my nose?

From the look on his face I think Barnaby enjoyed his first ice cream.

Follow these simple rules and you too will maximise your ice cream eating experience.

35 thoughts on “Ice cream etiquette

  1. My people sometimes have ice cream for lunch on Saturdays and I often get to go along. Last time we went, the lady at the ice cream store made a little bowl of ice cream for me. It was delicious! I love her.

  2. ROFL!!!! Bassa, you sooo funnyyyyy!!!! This post made me and mam burst in laughter! I love those all 5photos and yes, surly Barnaby enjoyed his first ice cream! We didn’t know cat eat ice cream! Of course, I have eaten, but my cat brofur Shiro never! So I’ll let my mom give it a try! Thanks for these heart -warming and funny post, Basaa! Good etiquette! 🙂

  3. So cute! If you notice, the kitty is doing in the first pics., what all good kitty’s do, ignoring the rules by staring patiently… LOL 🙂

  4. Oh Bassa, if you could only help me teach Delilah the rules. She would be flouting them all, and the drool…..lord the drool. It’s fairly revolting.

    But it looks like all three of you enjoyed the tall person’s ice cream, it is very nice that he shared.

  5. Hi Bassa, it´s allways fun too read your storys. Barnaby still got a lot to learn and i bealive that you are a perfect teatcher. You are good locking even whit icecream on your nose. Love you Lotta

  6. Your rules of ice cream sharing are on the money. I love how you hardly got any on your fur at all (?). Mom bought me ice cream called Frosty Paws especially for dogs. She has to hold it for me, because once I accidentally started eating the entire cup – paper, cardboard, and all! Ice cream is delicious.

    Love and licks and licks and licks,

  7. Ha, ha! My dogs do the same thing – “I’m not looking at you…eating that yummy, delicious stuff…not looking…….not looking!” They behave so well that I have to give them something. And they LOVE ice cream!

  8. LOL! Great post and great rules!!! We loved the looks on your faces as you ate ice cream! 🙂 Ginger says the brain freeze is horrible, unless of course you are the old guy… no brain no pain she says…. ehehehehe
    Your rowdy friends,
    the collies 🙂

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