The lady who sells combs

On my walk today I saw a lady who sells combs.

I watched as she walked along the sidewalk looking for people who have lots of unruly hair who were in need of a tidy up. She paused when she saw me and I could tell that she thought I was a potential customer. However, she noticed that I was not carrying a purse so she walked on.

I was surprised that she did not offer her combs to the tall person, especially as I had noticed that one of his three hairs was out of place when he got up this morning.

Hmm….I think the lady who sells combs was distracted by the delicious aroma of the freshly baked bread in the bread shop.

Keep focused, lady who sells combs, or you will miss potential customers!

Who would have guessed?

In a post earlier today I mentioned that things are not always what they appear to be.

There is a house in my street that has a polished metal yard door and polished metal yard walls.

On the door there is a sign in Georgian that says “There is a ferocious dog in the yard!”

The sign is written in red and I have often wondered if it was written with the blood of a poor unfortunate visitor.

I had always thought that the dog must be extremely formidible, especially as it needs to be contained by a metal door and walls.


……..when I was waiting for the school bus with the little person we happened to see this mighty canine!

Who would have guessed?

He is so small I almost tripped over him! Needless to say, he took one look at me and retreated to the safety of his polished metal door.

Hmm, it would appear that the use of an exclamation mark at the end of the warning sign is meant to be ironic.

Oh my gourd!

On my walk this morning I came across a giant gourd!

The owner had very thoughtfully placed a step next to it so that passersby can look inside this magnificent member of the family Cucurbitaceae.

I pointed it out to the tall person and he said it does look a little like a gourd but is actually a hollow tree trunk.

Oh. It was another case of mistaken identity. Hmm, another reminder that things are not always what they appear to be.

Tall person smiled and told me that throughout history gourds have been used for many purposes, including storage containers, powder horns for gun powder and canteens for carrying spare water. He said that in Japan, decorated bottle gourds are placed in the house to bring good fortune.

Hmm, perhaps the people in this house couldn’t find a real gourd so they placed this gourd-like tree trunk outside their house to bring good fortune.

I hope it brings them luck!

I met Jack today

I saw Jack on my walk to the bread shop this morning. He was sitting by the kerb enjoying the lovely warm sunshine.

Jack works for the tire man and is very strong. Tall person told me that he can lift 1.5 tons. I’m not surprised, he spends most of the day ‘pumping iron’.

I wonder if this is how Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger began his career?

Hmm, perhaps Jack will also become a Hollywood action film icon and politician.

Jack’s boss was not in his tire shop but with Jack guarding the tires I knew everything would be safe.

Enjoy the sunshine Jack and daydream about Hollywood!

Trevor forever

Trevor is one of the wonderful Collies of the Meadow who live with Chuck and his family in the U.S.A.

On 6 February Trevor had a stroke and has been slowing declining.

Chuck has been posting regular updates about Trevor and also shared many wonderful memories of the time they have spent together.

Trevor is Chuck’s best friend and was his saviour after the loss of his beloved Niamh, bringing healing and joy into his life.

Trevor is still with us but time may be short now so I wanted to celebrate his life while they are both still together.

This picture is how I imagine a painter would capture the very special bond between Trevor and Chuck.

Trevor Forever

You can find Trevor and Chuck at the Collies of the Meadow blog:

You will get square eyes!

I saw something very strange on my walk through the neighborhood today. I pointed it out to the tall person and he said it was an old TV set.

I stayed there for a while and watched a wildlife program about a black dog with square eyes that liked to eat straw but I think the dog was tired because it didn’t move. I wanted to change the channel but the tall person said if I watch TV all day I will get square eyes. Hmm, like the dog on the television I suppose.

I can see my house from Eugene’s house!

You may remember that there is an old abandoned American jeep in my neighborhood. I call him Eugene. I haven’t been to see him for a while and suggested to the tall person that we go and make sure he is okay.

Eugene lives on a sidewalk at the top of a hill on the other side of the valley from my house. He doesn’t actually have a house. He’s the rugged outdoor type and prefers to feel the sun and the rain and the gentle breeze on his olive green skin.

Anyway, he was snoozing in the sunshine when we got there so we didn’t wake him up.

As we turned to head home the tall person said that we can see our house from here and sure enough there was our house on the other side of the valley.

It’s in the center of the picture. If you look carefully you can see the white door that leads out to the toy room balcony where I sit with my kitten, Barnaby. You can also see the tall tree that stands behind my house. Tall person looks for that if he gets lost when we are walking in the maze of narrow lanes that make up our neighborhood.

Barnaby! Barnaby! Can you see me!

No answer.

Hmm, I think he is asleep on duty.

Dangerous tree captured!

On my walk through the neighborhood today I saw a tree in a cage. It must have done something very wrong to be imprisoned. I wondered why it had not been transferred to a proper tree correctional facility but perhaps the authorities felt that leaving it by the road side would act as a detterent to other trees who might be tempted to misbehave.

I mentioned this to the tall person who told me not to be silly. He said that a cage had been put around the tree to stop it rolling down the steep hill.

Hmm, and I thought my interpretation was far-fetched!