Do you want to dress like an Englishman or woman?

On today’s walk we found this amazing shop in our neighborhood.

Being English, the tall person was obviously attracted to it because it proudly displayed the Union Jack flag.

Fortunately, De was with us and translated the Georgian language sign, which says, “High Quality Secondhand Clothes From England.”

Great! Now the tall person knows where to go if he needs a new bowler hat or umbrella.

13 thoughts on “Do you want to dress like an Englishman or woman?

  1. I always loved those bowler hats…. hmmm…. perhaps I’ll adopt a new look… 🙂 Interesting a store like that in the country of Georgia.. 🙂 Seeing the Union Jack reminds me back when The Who were huge and we all had the Who t-shirts with the Union Jack on it… 🙂 Great post! 🙂 Did you go in and shop?

      • LOL! Ever since I saw your post this AM this has been going through my head “I woke up in a Soho Doorway with a policeman who knew my name, you can go home to sleep tonight if you can get up and walk away…” The last time I saw Pete Townsend on TV he was a little bald guy with a three piece suit and a bow tie on teaching opera in a college in real life! Now, if someone had told me that would happen in 1973 I would’ve laughed… hmmmmmm

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