Dancing in the rain

Yesterday, the tall person, De and the little person went to Djansug Kakhidze Gardens, which are situated just off the recently renovated Agmashenebli Avenue.

The garden was opened last year and two beautiful bronze statues were recently erected at the entrance to the garden.

The statues are of Iliko Sukhishvili and his wife Nino Ramishvili, founders of the Georgian National Ballet. It is due to their efforts that Georgian national dancing and music has become known in many parts of the world. 

A performance by the Georgian National Ballet’s dancers in which the female dancers, wearing long skirts, appear to glide across the floor was an inspiration for writer Terry Nation in creating the Daleks for the television series Doctor Who.

14 thoughts on “Dancing in the rain

  1. Those statues are so beautiful! and the garden, too!!! Their uniforms for dancing are very different from what I know for Ballet!!! Interesting! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the introduction to these amazing dancers. I found several short videos to watch on YouTube and they are so graceful and powerful. Their turns are awe-inspiring. I checked their touring schedule but it looks like they won’t be performing far from home this year. I’ll hope for an international tour one day so I can see them perform live.

    • I am so pleased that saw several videos Shary. The dances are so graceful. Tall person is a big fan. I do hope you have an opportunity one day to see them perform.

      • What a great idea! I checked out some YouTube videos to get a better idea of the dances, and was blown away by the fancy footwork. Truly impressive. Thanks for enlightening us!

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