My new leaning place

You may recall that I recently optimized my leaning.

When I want to lean to the left I go here……

and when I want to lean to the right I go here……

However, because my leaning place is static I always have the same view.

I have been thinking about this and have come up with a solution that provides me with a variety of views.

So when I feel like leaning and looking at a different view I go and find my mobile leaning place…….

That’s lovely little person….10 more minutes and we’ll move 10 feet to the left.

Dancing in the rain

Yesterday, the tall person, De and the little person went to Djansug Kakhidze Gardens, which are situated just off the recently renovated Agmashenebli Avenue.

The garden was opened last year and two beautiful bronze statues were recently erected at the entrance to the garden.

The statues are of Iliko Sukhishvili and his wife Nino Ramishvili, founders of the Georgian National Ballet. It is due to their efforts that Georgian national dancing and music has become known in many parts of the world. 

A performance by the Georgian National Ballet’s dancers in which the female dancers, wearing long skirts, appear to glide across the floor was an inspiration for writer Terry Nation in creating the Daleks for the television series Doctor Who.

Do you want to dress like an Englishman or woman?

On today’s walk we found this amazing shop in our neighborhood.

Being English, the tall person was obviously attracted to it because it proudly displayed the Union Jack flag.

Fortunately, De was with us and translated the Georgian language sign, which says, “High Quality Secondhand Clothes From England.”

Great! Now the tall person knows where to go if he needs a new bowler hat or umbrella.