Barnaby says thank you!

Barnaby asked me to thank everyone for their get well wishes and lovely messages.

He is feeling much better today and we were able to have a chat about how he came to be attacked.

He said that he had met an adult tom cat in the street and went to say hello but the cat attacked him, scratching his ear and the top of his nose. He was taken completely by surprise and could not defend himself against the stronger cat so he ran home as fast as he could.

He showed me where the cat had scratched his nose. Ouch!

Toy car?

I saw this fantastic 1:1 scale model of a Soviet era Zhiguli car today. The detail was amazing.

It looked so real. It was hard to imagine that it was made from a plastic scale model kit.

I pointed it out to the tall person and he said it was a real car and not a model.

Hmm, if it is not a model car why does its number plate say it is a ‘TOY.’