Attacked by bigger boys!

My kitten, Barnaby, got out of the yard yesterday evening and didn’t come home at bedtime. We went looking for him but couldn’t find him.

We were all very upset and I went to sleep feeling very sad.

At 4.15 a.m. I heard a sound outside and immediately alerted the tall person.

When he opened the back door I was relieved to see my little Barnaby.

He was very pleased to see us.

He had clearly been roughed up and had a small cut beneath one of his eyes.

Tall person administered some first aid and then Barnaby curled up against me and fell asleep.

He has been very subdued this morning and spent most of the time asleep on his favorite red chair. I will have a chat with him later and remind him that the streets can be very mean and he needs to stay away from bigger boys.

29 thoughts on “Attacked by bigger boys!

  1. What a relief that you found Barnaby, Bassa!!! *tears* I think that out door world has lots of danger for kitties, so can’t Barnaby stay only inside of the house? My brofur “Shiro” obviously hit by a car and lost his one eye and got broken jaw, then the other cat “Mi-Ke” has been missing since this February…*sniff* that we regretted we should have kept her in our house….I know kitty wants some freedom but it’s risky… anyway…Barnaby, please stay close to Bassa.

    • Thank you Kevin. I remember you telling me about “Shiro” 😦 It’s not really practical to keep Barnaby inside the house because I am often outside. He has stayed close to me today and hopefully will not wander far..

  2. Poor little fellow. George is always very subdued after he’s been duffed up by another cat. It usually takes him a few days before he’ll venture outside again. Thankfully we haven’t got any ferals or strays wandering around our neighbourhood at the moment but from time to time one moves in and then the fur starts flying. I hope Barnaby perks up quickly. 😦

    • Thank you! Unfortunately our neighborhood has a number of tough street cats and dogs. Barnaby is a tough little fellow but he is still young and needs to keep out of their way.

  3. indeed Bassa, some street creatures are hostile to small small pets; i learned that the hard way when a pack of big Askals (mutts) attacked me during my morning walk the other day (fortunately my overseer protected me)… So i’m glad that Barnaby got home in one piece… he’s a tough kitty…xoxox Vanilla Bean

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