Trending now!

Until the tall person pointed it out to me I had no idea that I have become a huge influence on trees.

Can you see any similarity between this tree and me?

Yes. The trees in my neighborhood have started to wear white socks, just like me.

The tall person said that my white socks must be a trending topic. He explained that trending topics become popular either through a concerted effort by users or because of an event that prompts people (or trees) to talk about one specific topic.

Wow! I had no idea that trees talked about me or were such dedicated followers of fashion!

The lady who sells combs

On my walk today I saw a lady who sells combs.

I watched as she walked along the sidewalk looking for people who have lots of unruly hair who were in need of a tidy up. She paused when she saw me and I could tell that she thought I was a potential customer. However, she noticed that I was not carrying a purse so she walked on.

I was surprised that she did not offer her combs to the tall person, especially as I had noticed that one of his three hairs was out of place when he got up this morning.

Hmm….I think the lady who sells combs was distracted by the delicious aroma of the freshly baked bread in the bread shop.

Keep focused, lady who sells combs, or you will miss potential customers!