Trevor forever

Trevor is one of the wonderful Collies of the Meadow who live with Chuck and his family in the U.S.A.

On 6 February Trevor had a stroke and has been slowing declining.

Chuck has been posting regular updates about Trevor and also shared many wonderful memories of the time they have spent together.

Trevor is Chuck’s best friend and was his saviour after the loss of his beloved Niamh, bringing healing and joy into his life.

Trevor is still with us but time may be short now so I wanted to celebrate his life while they are both still together.

This picture is how I imagine a painter would capture the very special bond between Trevor and Chuck.

Trevor Forever

You can find Trevor and Chuck at the Collies of the Meadow blog:

21 thoughts on “Trevor forever

  1. The picture of Trevor and Chuck is beautiful. I’m very sorry to hear about Teavor, Bassa. It must be very hard time for their family. I hope that Trevor stay with Chuck and the family as long as possible.

  2. Thats a great picture, I understand what they are going through – we had to let Fred pass at the age of 4 a few weeks ago. The bond I had with him was amazing, words cant describe it.

  3. Wow Bassa and family……. all I can do is cry….. thank you… from the bottom of my heart thank you. The picture is lovely and your kind words are very moving. Thank you so much….. Trevor is sleeping right now and looking very old and feeble….. yet he is peaceful. As I watch his life ebb away I put on a brave and happy face to make his time left happy. He deserves the best for he always gave all he had. I hope God will take him in his sleep for if I have to make this decision my heart will break. THANK YOU! You dont know what your post means to me….. thank you!

    God Bless You!
    chuck and Trevor… 🙂

  4. Isn’t it lovely what a close knit blog family we have even though we all live at different corners of the earth? Bassa, this is a lovely post. Chuck & Collies we think of you every day. Sending lots of bubba & fuzzy love to all. x

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