Field promotions

We have two balconies in our house. One overlooks the street (the toy room balcony) and the other overlooks the yard. Until now, Barnaby and me have kept guard together but I thought it would be more effective if we split up and each guarded one balcony.

I discussed this with Barnaby and he said that he would prefer to keep watch from the toyroom balcony because it is sunny and he likes to sit in the sun. This suits me because I don’t like to sit in the hot sun and the balcony overlooking the yard is always in the shade.

I mentioned the new security arrangements to the tall person and he called us together and told us that he was very happy that we are beginning to act as a team. In fact, he was so happy that he promoted Barnaby to Corporal and me to Sergeant.

Wow, Corporal Barnaby and Sergeant Bassa!

P.S. Sergeant Bassa is not asleep on duty – I’m just resting my eyes.