Invasion of the green hairy caterpillars!

On this morning’s walk I was surprised and slightly alarmed to see that my neighborhood has been invaded by hundreds of giant green hairy caterpillars.

I mentioned this to the tall person and he said that they are catkins, slim cylindrical flower clusters, that have fallen from the trees.

Ah, so they are not the larval form of members of the order Lepidoptera (the insect order comprising butterflies and moths).

That’s a relief!

14 thoughts on “Invasion of the green hairy caterpillars!

  1. OMD, they certainly look like caterpillars!! We really did have an invasion of caterpillars once… they all came marching (do they march?) across the lane from the field, though the hedge, across the lawn and up the house! Honestly, they did, it was scary. The road had lots of squished ones where cars had run over them. That year we found chrysalides around window frames & doors & the garage.. they were everywhere. Very weird indeed. You’re lucky yours are catkins!

  2. LOL….. We thought they were furry greenies too until we looked very closely. Right now we are having the seeds from Maples falling and we call them helicopters for they spin like one as they fall… Spring is so fun……always can tell where the squirrel is for they fall as he passes over in the branches…

    Your friends,
    the collies and chuck 🙂

  3. That really would be a lot of caterpillars, good thing they are just catkins. We have things jut like that falling but they are brown so we can tell they are just from the trees.

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