35 today!

No, I’m not 35 – I only recently celebrated reaching 18 months! The 35 I am referring to relates to the wonderful award given to Bassa’s Blog by dogdaz blog.

It is the 35th award given to Bassa’s Blog by blogging friends!

Thank you dogdaz!

The award is the ‘Just Kidding’ Award and my friends at dogdaz say that it is awarded to those who bring a smile and chuckle in our lives; or appreciate our humour and brighten our day with their posts.

They said that to receive this award you need to have a good sense of humor, and appreciate others who like to have a chuckle or laugh with you. There are no rules: it’s just fun, fun, fun!

What a wonderful award. Just looking at it makes me feel like dancing!

This is the link to the award post: http://dogdaz.com/2012/04/11/4-11-12-ive-been-loled/

Do drop by and say hi to the inhabitants of dogdaz blog – Louise (aka Lulu Belle) a very shy maybe Hound/Lab, a maybe Corgi/Sheltie called Sofie Bear and the house cats (currently The Muffin Man (aka, Muffy), Noel, and Constance Kitty.

Their antics will make you laugh!

I pass on the wonderful ‘Just Kidding’ Award to a number of blogs that really stand out with their great sense of humor and their ability to make the tall person laugh and splutter in his coffee!

Bones Diary

Bones is a a border terrier who considers himself the worlds coolest breed! He also believe’s that he is easily as bright and a lot better looking than most humans (or “skins” as he and his brothers called them).

He has a hilarious take on life and always brightens my day with his posts!

If you enjoy a good laugh visit Bones at http://bonesdiary.wordpress.com/

Chancy the Gardner

Chancy is a mischievous scamp whose antics mean that he is often on Mumsy’s “list”, which is not a good place to be!

Chancy lives with two other dogs (Angel and Baby Boy), three cats (Patches, Snookums and Pooh) and a little guinea pig called DK.

It’s a sometimes volatile and always hilarious mix!

You can find Chancy, Mumsy and Crew at: http://chancythegardner.wordpress.com/

Milka [The Greatest Dane]

I absolutely love Milka’s gentle brand of humor.

Milka’s blog is a Smörgåsbord of wonderful, funny stories, great pictures and amazing videos!

I know you will love this bouncy award as you love to chase bouncy things Milka!

Check out Milka’s blog at: http://milkathedane.wordpress.com/


Rambo is a griff who describes himself as one crazy happy dog!

His blog is packed full of funny stories and pictures of his crazy life with two other griffs (both girl griffs, lucky Rambo), a really old whatever kind of dog (his words!), a great Rottweiler named Atticus, cats (not real cats, like house cats, these are what the people call barn cats), and horses.

Visit Rambo here: http://onecoolgriff.wordpress.com/

Life with Olive

Olive is a Weimaraner whose energy, antics and enthuisiasm for life always exhausts me when I read her posts!

Her stories are very, very funny.

Visit Olive and laugh, laugh, laugh! http://mylifewitholive.wordpress.com/

Lola Pug

Lola is known in neighbourhoods across North America, thanks to her globetrotting ways.

Despite being of petite size (with 8″ legs) Lola is a seasoned traveller who has many hilarious adventures and mishaps.

Visit Lola’s blog and see the world from a Pug’s perspective! http://lolapug.com/

Mark It Research

This is a relatively new blog for me and I love the funny and very gentle observations of its author Anne Alias.

Anne works in a Call-Centre and posts about her experiences of calling people at home.

Check out Anne’s very funny blog:  http://markitresearch.wordpress.com/

Tales from the Mom-Side

Nancy lives in a small town in Alabama with a 9 year old daughter and three dogs.

Having followed Nancy’s blog for quite some time now I can confirm that there is a lot of laughter in Nancy’s house.

Visit Nancy and join in the laughter:  http://workingmomadventures.com/

Congratulations to all of the blogs mentioned here. You all brighten my life and make me laugh and smile!

And thanks again to dogdaz for awarding the ‘Just Kidding’ Award to Bassa’s blog.

23 thoughts on “35 today!

  1. Congratulations Bassa!!!! Wow, that is a lot of awards and you deserve everyone of them! HOORAY!!!! Off to check out some of the blogs we havent seen before. 🙂

    God Bless You!
    the collies and chuck 🙂

  2. You definetely deserve it Bassa! Always making me LOL! 😀

    And thank you for sharing it with me… I’m glad I also make you laugh… cause, you see… we’re even then and I don’t have to owe you my life and stuff… 😛

    And you have here some nice blogs to check out. Didn’t know any of them them! Gonna check them out later tonight!

    A big lolish slobber!


  3. Pingback: Catching Up | Tales from the Mom-Side

  4. Thank you, Bassa! We are honoured! Mama needs to know how you get the award up on your WP page. I know how to do it, but I think she should work hard to figure it out.


    Lola Pug

  5. Holy cow, Bassa, 35 awards! You are the best!! I love to read your posts. They are always full of interesting things and they make me laugh out loud.
    Thanks you so much for the award you passed on to me. Sorry the thanks took so long, but Mom’s been off kilter lately with exams and stuff.
    I agree with Lola, my Mom needs help posting the award also. Please help her. It’s so pitiful watching her struggle like this…

  6. Sweet Bassa we are really late in thanking you for the ‘Just Kidding’ award and for that we apologize. Thank you so much we will be putting a blog out soon to properly thank you. We are really behind in some things and one day we hope to catch up. Hugs and nose kisses

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