The Bassa bag

I had an amazing surprise today. A package arrived from America from my best friends, Lovely Lynlee and Lovely Lynn.

It was a bag with my picture on it but it is no ordinary picture – it is a hairy picture!

It looks and feels just like me! She is even poking her tongue out – just like me!

We were all so excited and amazed by this wonderful gift!

Thank you Lovely Lynlee and Lovely Lynn. We love it!

I was wondering what I could carry in the bag when Barnaby jumped in. He likes the Bassa Bag too!

19 thoughts on “The Bassa bag

  1. Wow!!! Pawgeous bag, Bassa! I’ve got a great ider! Tell De that to have the bag whenever she goes to grocery shopping, ’cause I’m sure that everybody gives De disscount because of the cute Bassa bag! 🙂

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