It’s not my birthday but it feels like it!

Sunshine Award

I received a very lovely Easter gift from kofegeek blog – a Sunshine Award!

I discovered that the Sunshine Award is given to ”bloggers who are inspirational, and who have impacted your blogging or your life”.

Wow, thank you so much kofegeek!

There are a number of rules attached to this award and I will be publishing a follow up post, together with my own nominations.

Please do check out kofegeek’s blog – in kofegeek you will find “a lot of articles, ranging from heavy, mild to popular and other resources to assist you in your coffee time”. So now I know what the tall person does when he has a coffee break!

ABC Award

Mysterycoach blog was recently awarded the ABC Award and passed the award to Bassa’s blog.

Congratulations Mysterycoach!

Thank you for thinking of me!

Mysterycoach writes about various things she sees people do, their behaviors, her miscellaneous thoughts about personal growth and anything else that stirs her interest. She warns that she talks about herself a lot and her experiences. I have followed Mysterycoach’s blog for a while now and can confirm that she does and it’s great!

This is a link to Mysterycoach’s award post:

ABC Award

My great blogging friend Laurie Bartolo at Laurie Bartolo Photography was also awarded an ABC Award and included Bassa’s Blog in her list of award nominations.

Although this award has the same name as the one mentioned above it does appear to be different.

Congratulations Laurie and thank you for thinking of Bassa’s Blog!

Laurie is renowned for her beautiful photographs of dogs as they go about their daily lives. Her photographs are candid and spontaneous and accurately capture real images of life for dogs in America.

This is a link to Laurie’s blog:

Versatile Blogger Award

My friends Bella and Didi at Paws to Talk blog were recently awarded the Versatile Blogger Award.

Congratulations Bella and Didi!

Bella and Didi were kind enough to include Bassa’s Blog in their nominations.

Thank you so much!

Please do check out their great blog.

I love the daily problem pages they post. Great advice for dogs (and people) with problems!

This is a link to their award post:

Another recent recipient of the Versatile Blogger Award was Phoenix who writes a wonderful blog called Thriving Pessimist.

I have followed this blog for nearly a year and was thrilled to hear that this very talented writer had been awarded the Versatile Blogger Award.

Phoenix very kindly included Bassa’s Blog in her list of nominations for the Versatile Blogger Award.

Thank you Phoenix!

Phoenix is a wonderful poet and writer. Please do check out her blog.

I mentioned Mysterycoach under the ABC Award and I am pleased to announce that Mysterycoach was also awarded a Versatile Blogger Award. Mysterycoach was kind enough to nominate Bassa’s Blog for the award.

Thank you Mysterycoach!

This is the link to the award post:

25 thoughts on “It’s not my birthday but it feels like it!

  1. You are so popular. I bet you’re getting all these awards because of the wonderful series you recently did on the art of “Leaning.” That was a great series and the photos should be exhibited somewhere. In a museum, perhaps?

    • Thank you Monica. I am so pleased you liked the pictures/ Tall person likes the art of “Leaning” series too. He says he always smiles when he reads those posts. I just enjoy leaning! 🙂

  2. Congratulations on those awards, Bassa and thanks for letting us know these wonderful other blogs!!! I’ve read some of them and was very impressed! You have lots of gorgeous blogger friends, Bassa! 🙂

  3. Bassa you rock and so deserve this award :-). By far, the funniest post I ever read was when your human re-planted the xmas tree you dug up! Hysterical.

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