Looking after a kitten is a big responsibility

It’s a big responsibility looking after a kitten. It’s also very tiring. I can’t remember the last time I had an uninterrupted nap. Although my kitten, Barnaby, likes to sleep he rarely sleeps at the same time I do so I have to stay awake and keep an eye on him. That is the most tiring part. He rarely stays still. He is always exploring and getting into trouble. So far he has fallen in the bath, got stuck up a tree, gone to sleep in the washing machine (it was off), caught bees and wasps and got himself shut in the refridgerator.

So when he is tired and curls up with me and goes to sleep I breathe a big sigh of relief!

21 thoughts on “Looking after a kitten is a big responsibility

  1. Bassa you are great older sibling! That cat has been in some interesting situations since he joined your house. We hope you have some quality naps ahead of you.

    Bella and DIDi

  2. With all his escapades the cheeky little tacker has been getting up to he definately needs a wonderful dog like you looking after him! 🙂 I hope he doesn’t wear you out too much! 🙂

  3. Being a Mother or just a mother figure is a very responsibly position Bassa. You must always know where the little one is and keep him safe. It is a very exhausting job and no mater how well you do they will think of some way to get into mischief 🐱. Good luckly and I hope he starts napping longer. Whew

  4. I pushed the “like” button, but I actually just love that picture. Atticus has a cat friend, “Helen”. They came to our house in the same month and are both five this year. They love on each other every day, too. You big dogs are lucky that way!

  5. You are so lucky having a cat of your very own. I’m hoping to get one or maybe two if we ever get moved to another house. I’d better catch up on my sleep before it arrives!

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