The return of the (less) pink pig

Barnaby has discovered my pink pig. I used to sleep on it as a pup. It was pinker then. Tall person put it on the balcony after I grew too big to lie on it and it has faded in the sun. I don’t think Barnaby minds.

I am pleased he likes my (less) pink pig.

25 thoughts on “The return of the (less) pink pig

  1. Barnaby looks so comfortable on the (less) pink pig, Bassa! Maybe because your scent is on it, which makes him more relaxed? 🙂

  2. Bassa, how did your owners survive cuteness overdose? They probably couldn’t do anything but just cuddle you and kiss you and tell each other what a perfect cutie you are!

    • Sorry Bassa, I have a hard time spelling correctly sometimes. It’s hard to speak good English when you are a dog. (I’m told by the higher powers that there is one more “e” in differnce!?!

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