Limited edition frisbee lures lemon customers

I am a great admirer of the ladies who sell things and I am constantly amazed by their innovative sales techniques.

On my walk today I noticed that this lady who sells things has obtained a number of very colorful and decorative frisbees and is using them to entice customers to buy her lemons.

You can see from the photograph that the lady has set up her lemon shop close to a money exchange kiosk. She is obviously targeting the tourist trade. One tourist family has already decided to buy the lady’s lemons and receive a free limited edition frisbee and is queuing at the money exchange kiosk to get Georgian currency.

I think the lady was about to demonstrate a two handed frisbee throwing technique but I didn’t see it because the tall person wanted us to walk on.

Later, the tall person told me that the lady was holding containers for eggs and not limited edition frisbees as I had thought. Hmm, I’m not so sure. Who would sell containers for eggs when they are selling lemons?

14 thoughts on “Limited edition frisbee lures lemon customers

  1. Since my mom isn’t looking right now, may I suggest that you, Bassa, already had the answer- of course they are frisbees- just look at them! And I think sometimes our people can be just off the mark a bit. That’s just a humble little guy’s opinion.

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