Street art

On my walk today I found this street art……………in the middle of the street!

I like the way the street artist has blended natural and synthetic materials and wrapped them in a yellow ribbon. The inclusion of a tire is inspirational and is clearly a comment on society’s dependence upon the motor vehicle.

I admire the determination of the artist. It must have taken some effort to dig that hole!

11 thoughts on “Street art

  1. Sweet Bassa we love your appreciation for art and are happy you share with us. The bright yellow ribbon really helps this piece stand out. Hugs and nose kisses

  2. Bassa, you recently responded to one of my comments by pointing out that everyone lives in an interesting neighborhood (not just you). But what makes yours so unique is your fresh perspective. It’s like seeing something ordinary through the eyes of the innocent–whether a child or a dog–and therefore seeing it in a whole new way. That’s what I love about your neighborhood; it’s how you help me see it in a whole new way. Thanks, Bassa. You’re just so clever!

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