Tire man launches new product for less confident swimmers

I walked past the tire man’s shop yesterday and noticed that he has expanded his stock to include flotation aids for swimmers. You will see from the photo that he has displayed an inflated tire inner tube on the awning outside his shop. I suppose now that Spring has arrived children will be eager to go swimming again and nervous swimmers may be seeking the extra reassurance of a flotation aid.

I think that it is admirable that the tire man has considered the needs of less confident swimmers.

9 thoughts on “Tire man launches new product for less confident swimmers

  1. Sweet Bassa Mumsy says she has had lots of fun with those. She had fun with tire swings too. Your shops are interesting and remind Mumsy of the stores when she was a kid. Hugs and nose kisses

  2. The tire man does a good job to consider of those less confident swimmers!
    In Tbilisi, where people go for swimming? Black sea? (I’m not sure if you can swim in the Black sea and it might be a bit far from your place…..) Have you swum, Bassa? I haven’t. The place my granny was born is close to sea and we’ve been there sometimes and I’ve walked along the coast, but never swum.
    I’m not sure if I can do swimming! 🙂

    • There is a huge reservoir just outside of Tbilisi Kevin. It is called the Tbilisi Sea and is where people from the city go swimming. Tall person, De and the little person went there several times last summer. I didn’t go because it was too hot. I preferred to stay at home in the cool.I used to swim in the bath when I was a pup but I’m too big now! 🙂

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