The key to fitness

On my walk today I noticed that a new fitness studio has opened. The complex also contains a locksmith shop.

I am not usually surprised by the retail partnerships that I see in Tbilisi but I had to think hard about the rationale for this particular business model.

I suppose if you have locked yourself out of your home it is safer to work out your frustrations in a gym whilst your new key is being cut, rather than risk climbing a drain pipe to get in through an open window.


13 thoughts on “The key to fitness

  1. Hummm- you bring up some interesting questions. Maybe the locksmith does not get much business, so all the noise from the Gym does not bother the customers.

  2. I think all business owners should be multi-talented. What doesn’t work for one customer, may just be perfect for the next. Also, excercising can be a mindless activity, just going through the routines. While bench pressing a person may think, “You know, I really need to have a second key made for the car.”

    This business combo would now make perfect sense!

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