Tire man launches new product for less confident swimmers

I walked past the tire man’s shop yesterday and noticed that he has expanded his stock to include flotation aids for swimmers. You will see from the photo that he has displayed an inflated tire inner tube on the awning outside his shop. I suppose now that Spring has arrived children will be eager to go swimming again and nervous swimmers may be seeking the extra reassurance of a flotation aid.

I think that it is admirable that the tire man has considered the needs of less confident swimmers.

The key to fitness

On my walk today I noticed that a new fitness studio has opened. The complex also contains a locksmith shop.

I am not usually surprised by the retail partnerships that I see in Tbilisi but I had to think hard about the rationale for this particular business model.

I suppose if you have locked yourself out of your home it is safer to work out your frustrations in a gym whilst your new key is being cut, rather than risk climbing a drain pipe to get in through an open window.

Tbilisi honors little person!

I felt very proud this morning when I saw that a statue of my little person had been erected in my street. It looks exactly like him! What a huge honor!

I’m not sure about the location though. I would have thought that it would have been better to place the statue on the sidewalk instead of the middle of the road. I mentioned this to the tall person and he said that it is not a statue – it is the real little person waiting for the school bus.

Hmm, I’m not so sure – he hasn’t moved. Perhaps he has fallen asleep.

Her garden travels with her!

Do you miss your garden when you are out? I know I do. On my walk today I noticed that someone had found the perfect solution for people who miss their flowers and plants when they go shopping.

This clever gardner has attached her garden to her bicycle so that wherever she goes her garden goes with her!

I am not surprised that this gardner never wants to leave her garden – her flowers are beautiful!