The pink palace of beauty

Tall person and De both had their hair cut yesterday. I had suggested that they go to the pink palace of beauty that I often pass on my walks in the neighborhood. Its pink wall is decorated with the head of a handsome young man looking up at a beautiful young woman who has a cascade of raven hair and red pouting lips. Although the young man appears to be looking at her with longing in his eyes the beautiful young woman seems to be aloof and unreceptive. I think it is because his hair looks untidy at the front. Perhaps this is a message to all young men with untidy hair – get your haircut at the pink palace of beauty or beautiful young women will ignore you. I must admit it is a compelling subliminal message.

I mentioned this to the tall person and though he agreed that the ‘keep it tidy’ principles of the pink palace of beauty were indeed admirable he would continue to go to his usual hairdresser in Agmashenebeli Avenue. Hmm, perhaps he is not keen on the stylized aerial combat scene painted on the pink wall.

11 thoughts on “The pink palace of beauty

  1. In Tbilishi, do men and women go the same beauty salon? In Japan, men go to barbershop, and women go to hairsalon usually, but mom says that she often sees young men at the hair salon where mom goes. Hmmm…they must be brave! 🙂

  2. I LOVE the Pink Palace of Beauty. The only thing missing is a picture of a beautiful doggie! I am available for a photo shoot, but feel free to take my place, Bassa. I think we are both quite pretty!

    Love and licks,

  3. Bassa, you are hilarious 😀
    That’s amazing that they decorate places themselves this way. It’s so much more interesting to look at, when the pictures are unique and erm… handmade(not sure if the term is right here)

  4. It appears to be a unique hair salon and is probably very good. But in the US men would not go to a salon called the Pink Palace and painted pink, they would consider that just for women. Some of our men do go to salons for hair cuts but these are more generic showing they are for men and women. Pink here would jut be a woman’s color.

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