Soda cat

On my walk today I came across a cat who lives in a shop window. He was enjoying an afternoon nap in the warm Spring sunshine.

Although his home is quite small it appears to be well equipped. It even has an electric kettle so he can warm up his milk at bedtime.

I know from my own kitten, Barnaby, that cats are renowned for being very clean animals and this particular cat even has a traditional Georgian brush to keep his shop window home super clean.

The packets on the shelf above his head are baking soda. I asked the tall person why the cat has baking soda in his home and he told me that baking soda has many uses, including absorbing kitty litter odors. Wow! This cat is serious about personal hygiene.

I’m not sure what is in the shiny keg but the cat is obviously very attached to it because he was hugging it very affectionately.

11 thoughts on “Soda cat

  1. Wow! The house seems to be the best place for kitties as they love being in a very small place and it’s well equipped to live!
    Hmmm…. the shiny keg might be good to keep him/her warm! 🙂

  2. I find it interesting that the cat stays in the window, although the warm sunshine can be very enticing. Perhaps he is there to catch everyones attention so they will see what that shop sells and come in to purchase items. He gets to sleep in the warm sun, they get customers 🙂

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