$34 million dollars doesn’t buy much these days!

Tall person told me last year that the Georgian parliament is going to move from the capital Tbilisi. He said that a futuristic legislative complex costing $34-million is being built.


On my walk today I thought I had stumbled across the new parliament complex.

I must admit it was not what I had expected. It does not look very futuristic. However, I do appreciate that $34-million dollars doesn’t buy much these days.

When I pointed this out to the tall person he smiled and told me that this building is a shop. The new parliament building is being built in Georgia’s second city, Kutaisi, some 220 kilometers to the west of Tbilisi.

Ah, so the nation’s lawmakers have not re-located to my neighborhood.

Hmm. Perhaps this shop ought to consider changing its name. Otherwise members of parliament might be confused and come here instead of going to Kutaisi.


10 thoughts on “$34 million dollars doesn’t buy much these days!

  1. If your parliament is anything at all like our government, they just might be better served in your neighborhood, at least they would have a bird’s eye view to what is going on with the people.

  2. Not to worry, Bassa. I think if any members of Parliament pass that way, they will NOT mistake that shop for the futuristic new building. You’re safe there! Your neighborhood is very unusual.

    Love and licks,

    • Officials in the executive branch, which will stay behind in Tbilisi, say the move aims to invigorate the local economy in struggling Kutaisi, as well as ease the pressure on infrastructure in “overloaded” Tbilisi. President Mikheil Saakashvili wants Georgia to have three major centers — Kutaisi, the legislative capital, Batumi, the commercial capital and Tbilisi, the executive center.

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