$34 million dollars doesn’t buy much these days!

Tall person told me last year that the Georgian parliament is going to move from the capital Tbilisi. He said that a futuristic legislative complex costing $34-million is being built.


On my walk today I thought I had stumbled across the new parliament complex.

I must admit it was not what I had expected. It does not look very futuristic. However, I do appreciate that $34-million dollars doesn’t buy much these days.

When I pointed this out to the tall person he smiled and told me that this building is a shop. The new parliament building is being built in Georgia’s second city, Kutaisi, some 220 kilometers to the west of Tbilisi.

Ah, so the nation’s lawmakers have not re-located to my neighborhood.

Hmm. Perhaps this shop ought to consider changing its name. Otherwise members of parliament might be confused and come here instead of going to Kutaisi.

B1 and B2

Health warning (or should it be clarification?) – this post has nothing to do with vitamins or health supplements, though it is about bananas and they are supposed to be a healthy food.

One of the little person’s favorite TV shows is called Bananas in Pyjamas, an Australian children’s show that is syndicated in many different countries, and dubbed into other languages. In the United States, the “Pyjamas” in the title was modified to reflect the American spelling pajamas. The main characters are two humanoid bananas named B1 and B2.

The characters were inspired by a 1967 song written for children by British composer Carey Blyton (nephew of renowned children’s author Enid Blyton). The jaunty song describes (an unspecified number of) bananas in pyjamas chasing teddy bears.

Anyway, tall person also watches this show and has recently referred to Barnaby and me as B1 and B2. I assume that he means Bassa 1 and Barnaby 2 and not that we both resemble humanoid bananas who wear pajamas.

Hmm, I suppose there is a tenuous connection. Barnaby (B2) does has a little teddy bear that he chases.

A new series of Bananas in Pyjamas was premiered in Australia in 2011. It contains new songs, stories, and characters, including Bernard the wise old dog. I mentioned this to Barnaby and we both thought that Bassa the wise old dog would be a much better nickname than B1 but we could still refer to Barnaby as B2 because he still chases teddy bears.

Tall person agreed and said that I am a very wise dog.