Splash art!

Apparently I have hidden artistic talents. I was in the yard and Tall person noticed that I had created a waving teddy bear design on the ground.

I must admit it wasn’t intentional. I suppose I just create art without knowing it.

Tall person said that I cannot tell you how I made it but it’s not water!

Apparently, I am a lert!

I was resting in our cool bathroom this afternoon. It has been a very warm day and until leaves return to my tree there is not much shade for me to lie in so I retire to the stone floor of the bathroom.

Anyway, I was sitting in the bathroom…….

When I heard a noise………………

When I returned, the tall person patted my head and said I was a lert. I have no idea what a lert is but it sounds good, so I was pleased.

I was just resting my eyes!

The tall person told me that under controlled laboratory conditions both cats and dogs sleep about 13 hours per day but they wake up more frequently than people do. He said that how much and when pets sleep varies enormously depending on the social and physical environment.

Hmm, since my kitten, Barnaby, arrived I have had much less sleep. He always wants to play when I want to sleep.

I think I am suffering from sleep deprivation.

I told the tall person about my problem and he said I was being silly.

To prove it he showed me some pictures that he says clearly prove I am not suffering from sleep deprivation.

Call that evidence? I was just resting my eyes!