Listen with Bassa

Tall person suggested that we need to listen more so Barnaby and me sat on our veranda and listened.

We heard:

A neighbor sweeping. A cock crowing. A dove flapping its wings. Little people playing in the street. A man’s deep voice. A yard gate banging shut. Birds chattering. Street dogs squabbling. A bus winding its way through out neighborhood. A dove cooing. A dog with a cough barking. Someone hammering. Neighbors chatting. A little person running fast. A fly buzzing. A neighbor scolding. Distant music.

Sometimes it’s good to just listen.

18 thoughts on “Listen with Bassa

  1. It’s past 10pm in our part of the world and Miss Maple is quietly sitting by the open balcony doors listening to:

    A yappy dog on the second floor of an apartment building across from us, crickets chirping, geckos clicking, water trickling down into the outdoor drains, engine of a car pulling up into a garage, the yappy dog still going at it (poor little one), the car door being slammed closed, footsteps of people returning home, the hum of our ceiling fan cooling us on this balmy night…

    And off she drifts to sleep.

  2. Listening is important, apparently. You and Barnaby are pretty good at it. I am not. Mom talks about listening all the time. “Listen!” “Are you listening?” “Do you hear me?!” …..Mostly the answer is no. I’ve never heard a dove. They are drowned out by the voices in my head.

  3. Its exactly 12 midnight here. And when I sat and listened.. I could here so many insects chirping, owls whistling, TV, songs my friends are playing in adjacent rooms, and now.. I am feeling such calm!

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