The feline education system is severly lacking!

I played hide and seek with Barnaby in the yard this morning.

I found him but when I asked him to close his eyes and count to one hundred he said he couldn’t count! Whoever heard of a cat that couldn’t count!

Hmm, the feline education system clearly needs improvement.

Okay Barnaby, say after me……, two, three……

16 thoughts on “The feline education system is severly lacking!

  1. These two are adorable together 🙂 I remember when I had all my babies years ago, they were all friends too!

  2. Oh, Bassa, we love the photo of you two. We don’t have any cat siblings, but we’ll find out if our little people know why cats can’t count. xx Berner Girls

  3. I LOVE cats, Bassa, but I learned early on that they don’t play by the proper rules. It’s good that your cat friend doesn’t try to swat you all the time.

    Mama’s just catching me up on your blog. She’s been too busy cooing over stupid puppies to let me have it. Loving your recent posts!

    Lola Pug

  4. Bassa keep pursuing your feline friend and don’t give up on his education. You are very motivational and I think you can succeed in your quest 🙂

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