My neighbor looks after our bottoms!

At the onset of winter my neighbor removes the seat from the bench that sits on the street outside his house.

He is clearly a very kind man who does not want passers by to be tempted to sit in the rain and snow and get cold, damp bottoms.

Thank you for looking after our bottoms Mr. Kind Neighbor!

Spring has arrived and Mr. Kind Neighbor will soon return the seat to the bench that sits on the street outside his house and passers by will be able to rest in the sunshine knowing that their bottoms are warm and dry and happy.

21 thoughts on “My neighbor looks after our bottoms!

  1. Your neighbor is very kind indeed. Once for a group project in videography we did “A day in the life of a park bench.” I thought it came out pretty good. Imagine the things that bench would say if it could talk. 🙂

  2. How sweet Mr Kind Neighbor is! I think that your neighbors are helping each other well, like this Mr Kind neighbor and the ladies who sweep the street!!! 🙂

  3. You live in an interesting neighborhood, Bassa, with interesting, thoughtful, neighbors. I don’t think in this country anyone would ever think of doing that. Might get in trouble here for taking property that is not theirs. Hmm.

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