Doctor Who?

On my walk today I stumbled across evidence of time travel.

I found a Tardis!

It must have materialized recently because I did not see it when I passed this way a few days ago.

I have seen Doctor Who on television.

Doctor Who travels through time in a special time machine called a Tardis that is disguised as a police phone box.

I know what you are thinking. This yellow box looks nothing like an English police phone box. I thought about that and decided that Doctor Who cleverly disguised his Tardis because an English police phone box would be quite conspicuous here.

De said that the yellow doors look like the doors from Soviet era trains.

Hmm, I can only assume that Doctor Who has come from the past to visit my neighborhood.

I shall keep a look out for a tall Englishman who wears a hat and long scarf.

Hold on! Tall person is a tall Englishman who wears a hat and long scarf.

My tall person is Doctor Who!

Tall person! Tall person! Where are you?

No reply. He is probably chasing aliens or saving the world.