Bassa goes west!

I had a wonderful surprise this afternoon. You may not know that the tall person and me are big Western fans. We love stories about cowboys and we follow the blog of a very talented writer of stories about the Old West.

In a fictional short story form, Campfireshadows blog vividly recreates the adventures of men and women of the 1800’s American frontier.

Today, Campfireshadows posted a new short story called Meet up in Lambey and guess what? I’m in the story as a Sheriff’s dog! Of course,  being in the Old West I had to act the part. You will see that I am heavily disguised and ‘in character’.

It was a wonderful surprise and a great honor to be included in this great story. Thank you Campfireshadows!

You can read about me and Sheriff Jeffery Osborn of Lambey Arizona and the three infamous Bartell brothers here. It’s a great read!

I ate my family and other animals!

Don’t be alarmed. The tall person, little person, De and Barnaby are all okay. When I said I ate my family and other animals I meant I ate My Family and Other Animals – the autobiographical work by naturalist Gerald Durrell, telling of the part of his childhood he spent on the Greek island of Corfu between 1935 and 1939.

It was a Georgian translation