Give a dog a bone!

I was followed today and not in a blogging way!

I walked down to the supermarket with the tall person and De and my butcher gave me a big bag of bones.

Word (and the scent of bones) soon got round the neighborhood and by the time we were half way home we had picked up a stalker.

He followed us all the way to our street.

He was a cute pup and I liked his non-aggressive persistence. I looked at tall person and he smiled and nodded and reached into my bag of bones and gave one to the pup.

Enjoy your bone puppy!

24 thoughts on “Give a dog a bone!

  1. So sweet. Poor dog doesn’t have a home? Very kind of you to give him a bone. Maybe he’ll come back, and you’ll have a new brother or sister!

    Lola Pug

  2. Bassa you are so kind to share your bones. You are also lucky to have a butcher who gives you bones. We have to see if our humans can start buying from a butcher.
    Bella and DiDi

  3. Wow. You are so sweet and generous, Bassa. I love the photo the Tall Man took of the dog. I really hope that dog has a home; he can go and tell them all about your generosity. x Berner Girls

  4. that was very sweet Bassa, he was very patient and did not try to come up and take one. I think he deserved a Bone too, and your tall person was generous to share.

  5. You are so kind to share your bones, what a sweet little puppy. I would love to take him and help him find his forever home. It breaks my heart to see little guys like that all on their own.

  6. How sweet your tall person and you are, Bassa!!! The pup must have been soooo pleased to have the bone! He looks very cute, too! 🙂

  7. It is truly wonderful to give, but a bone? Come on, maybe a biscuit or something like that but I think there’s got to be a limit on generosity! hehehehe – just kidding.

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