News from the BBC

Good morning/afternoon/evening/night. Thank you for tuning into the BBC News (Bassa’s Blogging Channel).

This is your good news correspondent, Bassa, reporting from Tbilisi in the Republic of Georgia.

I have just read an inspirational story about Tyra.

Tyra recently went completely blind in about two days.

She knows that she can’t see but rather than waste time feeling sorry for herself, she is, instead, working on learning what she needs to learn to carry on.

Read this wonderful story here:

You are a hero Tyra!

That’s all folks. Remember, good news makes you feel good. Be part of Bassa’s good news!

9 thoughts on “News from the BBC

  1. That is a good news story. I hope that if I ever have to deal with an injury or handicap like that, I will be able to react like a dog… accept it and move forward with grace.

  2. What a wonderful story! Thank you for sharing this wonderful news, Bassa 🙂 We apologize for being absent recently and will catch up as soon as possible!! Hope all has been well- Enjoy the day!
    -Deanna and the Crew

  3. Thanks for sharing this beautiful story, Bassa! Tyra’s story encourages us a lot as we have one eye cat here. We have to have positive thinking!!! 🙂

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