Lisa found me!

Earlier today I featured the amazing colorful smiley faces that Lisa Albanese paints on pebbles and leaves next to names she finds etched in concrete. Lisa had found the little person’s name and De’s.

Guess what!

Lisa found me!

There is some corner of a foreign field (California) that is for ever Bassa!

P.S. You can see lots of wonderful pictures of Lisa’s smileys on her Facebook page (Lisa Albanese). In addition to placing smileys next to names etched in concrete Lisa also places them next to amazing street art.

9 thoughts on “Lisa found me!

  1. This was kind of an odd one too. I can’t figure out why someone would pour cement right where a tree is? — And Bassa you are extra special so I gave you four rock smileys, and I snuck that flower in there too… ツ

  2. Oh, Bassa that is great that your friend Lisa found your name…what cute little smileys she placed there. Hugs and nose kisses

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