Next time I want to be a small very hairy sheriff

I have a hideout deep in my forest on the mountain. I usually go there to play cowboys with the tall person and the little person.

I play the part of a small very hairy horse.

Today, we brought along our saloon gal, De. I stayed close to her to protect her from bears and wolves and bandits.

The little person decided he wanted to make a campfire. Here he is in this picture waiting for his stick to ignite. Hmm, you’ll be waiting a long time little person – you need to rub two sticks together to make fire!

Leaving aside his limited knowledge of firemaking you can see that the little person is superbly equipped to survive in the wild. He has a rifle and binoculars and a bottle of water and a stone to sit on.

The little person decided that if he concentrated very hard his stick might ignite and we would have a nice fire to warm us. Surprisingly, it didn’t work.

He eventually gave up and we decided to head back to the homestead. Tall person unhitched my reins and with a loud “yee ha” I galloped back down the mountain.

I don’t mind playing the part of a small very hairy horse but next time I want to be a small very hairy sheriff, with a shiny badge.

Lisa found me!

Earlier today I featured the amazing colorful smiley faces that Lisa Albanese paints on pebbles and leaves next to names she finds etched in concrete. Lisa had found the little person’s name and De’s.

Guess what!

Lisa found me!

There is some corner of a foreign field (California) that is for ever Bassa!

P.S. You can see lots of wonderful pictures of Lisa’s smileys on her Facebook page (Lisa Albanese). In addition to placing smileys next to names etched in concrete Lisa also places them next to amazing street art.