My American friend Lisa Albanese paints colorful smiley faces on pebbles and leaves them next to names she finds etched in concrete. She has lots of pictures of them on her Facebook page.

She surprised me today by sending pictures of a smiley with the little person’s name (Gigi) and……………..

……………………………De’s name (De)

Aren’t they wonderful?

Thank you Lovely Lisa!

Lisa said she is still looking for the tall person’s name. I have watched American movies and know that there are lots of tall people in America. It would be a lovely surprise for him to see his name next to one of Lisa’s beautiful smileys.

Hmm, I wonder if there is a Bassa in America.

15 thoughts on “Smile!

  1. “Technically” Bassa is in america every time we read about you. 🙂 Yeesssss I know what you meant. 🙂 A’m just saying!

  2. And for everyone else, thank you for the nice comments.

    It’s a fun little hobby for me (I like to do crafty things), I am getting lots of exercise walking around and checking out the cement, and it’s a good feeling to think that whoever stumbles across my rock smileys will hopefully smile, and perhaps take it with them to keep, or to give to someone else.

    Plus, I love that my on line friends enjoy looking at my pictures, and some seem to get really excited when I find something with their name, or something that made me think of them…

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