Mountain climbing in Tbilisi

Because I live on the side of one of the mountains that overlooks Tbilisi I rarely walk anywhere – I climb!

I usually have just one sherpa with me (the tall person) but today we decided to climb higher up the mountain so we also took our reserve sherpa (De).

We left base camp (my house) at 10.00 a.m. The weather looked as if it could change so I decided on Alpine Style: Lightweight climbing that emphasizes the role of speed to take advantage of good conditions that might prevail only a short time.

De is not an experienced neighborhood mountaineer like the tall person so I ensured that she was safely attached to my leash.

We began the ascent and you can see from this picture how uneven the terrain was.

It was a long and difficult climb up the mountain. De does not like heights and held on tight to her safety line.

By the time we reached the snowline De was clearly showing signs of HADE (High Altitude Dumb): Temporary intelligence loss due to reduced oxygen in the blood supplying the brain.

After consulting the tall person I decided that we had reached our Required Turn-around Time: The time of day at which climbers must turn back in order to descend safely.

I am happy to say that we got down safely and though De was a little tired she was pleased to have conquered my mountain.

In recognition of her extraordinary effort I have decided to award De with my Tbilisi First Class Sherpa Badge. You earned it De!