Think of it as free advertising

We saw ladies selling lemons and clothing today. I think one of the ladies noticed that the tall person was taking a photograph.

I imagined the hushed conversation:

Lady who sells lemons, “Shush, don’t look now but it’s that tall person again. You know, the one who keeps taking pictures of lemons.”

Lady who sells clothes, “Yes, I saw him taking photographs in the market. He is obsessed with lemons”.

Lady who sells lemons, “Well, my lemons are very fine but I don’t understand why he never buys any”.

Lady who sells clothes, “I would say something but he has that big Caucasian Shepherd dog with him”.

Lady who sells lemons, “Don’t worry about the dog, that’s Bassa. I’ve seen her on the internet”.

Lady who sells clothes, “Ah, will our picture be on the internet then”?

Lady who sells lemons, “Yes, just smile at the camera and think of it as free advertising”.