Who would want to drink medicine when you can have Zuko?

On our walk through the neighborhood we noticed that our soda kiosk was closed. Maybe the lady who sells soda drinks was having a lie in because it’s Sunday.

You have probably heard of Zuko, an instant powdered soft drink with a wide variety of flavors made with natural fruit but you may not have heard of something called Coca Cola. Apparently it is a carbonated soft drink that was originally intended as a patent medicine. Hmm, who would want to drink medicine when you can have Zuko?

31 thoughts on “Who would want to drink medicine when you can have Zuko?

  1. Pictures tell more of a story than words do. Here in Florida, our local government would not permit such a stand to exit. Zuko or Coca Cola, it wouldn’t matter, the building would never meet code. We talk so boldly of our freedom here but our government code enforcement department would close us down for opening such a kiosk, unless you are a food chain with many lawyers. I used to own a “Mom and Pop’ restaurant in the Florida Keys. Each month the Code enforcement people would enter (without permission) and inspect my restaurant for any code violations. There are thousands of codes. It is like walking on glass. If you complain, you will be fined for something! Even though we served healthier food in a much cleaner building than the chain stores, they rarely had code violations. After 3 years, I sold the restaurant because of our Code enforcement department. Freedom comes in many forms. That little kiosk, although in need of repair, is a petri dish of entrepreneurial freedom. Thank you for the eye opening picture.

    • Sorry to hear about your experience with Code enforcement. Although tall person lives here now he is English and spent much of his life in the U.K. where there is an equally strict enforcement of Codes. ‘Progress’ will catch up with Georgia and things will change but for now it is free of many of the things that frustrate individuals and stifle communities and businesses.

  2. Interesting! I never heard of Zuko. There was a story on the news the other day about a little girl selling lemonade on the street corner. The police shut her down saying what she was doing was illegal. What? Are you kidding me? They said she needed a permit to sell a food product to the public. Oh my….. how sad.

  3. Coca cola is very popular here in the States. Were you kidding about the coca cola and how it’s used there? What ? hahaha! I’m soooo confused… LOL 🙂

  4. Hi Bassa!
    Zuko eh? I would like to try some…. always want to try something different. Ah yes, Coke…. good stuff but I personally am more of a root beer type of person.. LOL Great picture and I wish we had all the free business minded people you do there…. 🙂

    Your friends,
    The Collies and Chuck 🙂

  5. What gorgeous photos down your side bar 🙂

    I have never heard of Zuko (here in Australia) but you told me something I never knew – Coke was intended as medicine? You can’t be serious… Is that when it had cocaine in it? (!)

      • omg, that would be really special. I think if there’s only “extracts” of cocaine, like, why not still make it that way?! For adults only of course. I’m not into Coke because I’m put off how sugary it is, but a bit of something like that is very interesting! I’ve never had cocaine though, so I guess that’s naiive. Yeah, the problem would be people getting hooked. Oh well, it WAS a good idea in 1905!

  6. Mom used to give me syrup of cola extract for a tummy ache (50 years ago). You had to get it from the Pharmacy. Hummmm…. I don’t think it still works (actually now it probably gives you a tummy ache), but times change. Zuko sounds like our ‘Crystal Lite’ powder drink mix here in the states. Helps water taste different (can’t say it makes it taste better though). Dogs should only drink water, silly Bassa, the rest is not good for us!

  7. I never heard of Zuko either. That stand reminds me of some old signs around here. Used to be that products were advertised on the sides of barns. Occasionally you can run across a barn with the remains of an old sign painted on it.

  8. My person checked out the link Chuck posted for Zuko. That stuff’s expensive on Amazon. Maybe we should come to Georgia and try it there.

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