Selling flowers since 1839!

The tall person took this picture of a man who sells flowers in our neighborhood in Tbilisi in the Republic of Georgia. He said that it looks as if it has been hand colored. He told me that the first hand-colored photographs are attributed to Swiss painter and printmaker Johann Baptist Isenring who used a mixture of gum arabic and pigments to color daguerreotypes soon after their invention in 1839.

Wow, 1839! That man has been sitting there a long time!

12 thoughts on “Selling flowers since 1839!

  1. Sweet Bassa you are just too funny…thanks for the laugh! Those flowers sure are bright and pretty. If Mumsy was there she would be sure to buy some of his flowers. Hugs and nose kisses

  2. Those flowers are very beautiful! The colours are pawsome, too! 🙂
    In Tbilisi, people buy flowers often? or only for special occasions?

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