My life will never be the same again!

You may have read yesterday’s BBC (Bassa’s Blogging Channel) bulletin about my going to the pet shop and meeting the kitten that had been rescued from the streets by the kind shop keeper.

Well, what I didn’t tell you was……………

……………..we brought him home with us!

De has named him Barnaby because she says he reminds her of Detective Chief Inspector Tom Barnaby from the English TV series called ‘Midsomer Murders’. Hmm, I have seen that series and I can’t see the connection. De should have called him Tom – after all he is a tom cat – but I only thought of that this morning and by then the tall person, De and the little person were calling him Barnaby.

Anyway, tall person and De obviously thought that I am now mature enough to have a furry friend, which is true but you can see from this picture that the kitten clearly is not.

I caught him eating from my food bowl!

My life will never be the same again!

31 thoughts on “My life will never be the same again!

  1. Hahahaha! Great addition to the family! The good news is that there’s only so much a cat that size can eat, I think your food is safe Bassa!

  2. Wow!!! Congratulations on your new family, Barnaby! He looks soooo adorable!!! The nose tap between you and Barnaby made me smile!
    He is a happy kitten to have a lovely forever home!!!! I love cats, too as I have a cat brufur!!! 🙂

  3. Good news! You will have a furry companion and hopefully the kitten is young enough to not be frightened of you.

    congraulations on the newest addition to your family!

  4. Uh oh! That kitty better learn some manners. I love the picture of you two nose to nose, though. I think you’ll be good buddies!

  5. Awww! Look at Bassa’s face! She’s all like… who is that? whaaaat? Well… he seems nice… huh. sniff… hmmm…

    Wait till they’re the best of friends and they’re cuddling. Oooh that’s going to be adorable! What an adorable Barnaby!

  6. Whoa, Bassa! A c-c-c-cat? In your very own home? I sure hope Barnaby isn’t troublesome. He’s off to a flying start stealing food from your bowl…. Yikes!

    Love and shivers,

  7. Hi Bassa and Barnaby!!!!

    A big collie hello to Barnaby and we loved seeing you together in the picture! Barnaby is so cute and we are so happy he lives with you. We hope you two become best of friends! Congratulations!!!!

    Your friends,
    The Collies and Chuck 🙂

  8. Barnaby! Welcome to Barnaby! Oh, Bassa, you’re going to be such a great friend to the new addition to your family. Love the picture of the two of you!! We’re so excited for all of you! xx Berner Girls (and family)!

  9. Barnaby really does look like a sweetheart, Bassa. I hope you two can be friends. Our old cat passed away a couple of years ago, but he and Mrs. P.I.B. got along famously. They would even eat out of the same bowl at the same time!

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