I follow several ‘Western’ blogs and I am enthralled by stories about the adventures of cowboys.

Cowboys are a little like me – they herd cows and I herd sheep. Actually I only herd one sheep (my one-sheep-flock) but I like to think that I have earned the honorary title of ‘cowgirl’.

On my visit to the forest yesterday I came across a cow and thought I would use the opportunity to practice my herding techniques on something larger than my one-sheep-flock.

All was going smoothly until I got a little close.


Calm down cow – haven’t you seen a fluffy cowgirl before?

Now I know why cowboys call cattle ‘ornery’.

P.S. The cow was tethered so could not stampede very far!

8 thoughts on “Stampede!

  1. What a brave lady you are Bassa! If I were you, I would have be the one who would run away!!! You still wanna be a cow girl? Woof?

  2. Hi Bassa!
    Growing up on the farm I can tell you I have heard of cows with calves dropping over on dogs to defend their calves… I also have a few Bull stories that you wouldn’t believe! LOL.. great post.. be careful of those cows… they used to like to step on our feet and stand there and loved flicking their tails in our faces while we were milking.. LOL

    Are there lots of cows where you walk?

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